Smart Building Solutions.

… we combine smart solutions and use them in industrial buildings…

The return of the investment
between 5 and 9 years

The return is
up to 30 % higher
compared to the conventional solutions

Green roofs

They prevent roof overheating. They provide heat insulation. They protect the membrane roofing against UV radiation. They retain rainwater. They create a pleasant micro-climate.

Charging stations

Electromobility significantly reduces the concentration of local emissions in cities. The alternating current (AC) charging network ensures the distribution of energy to battery vehicles in the most gentle way.

Photovoltaic systems

Solar radiation transformed into electricity. Decreased dependence on external energy sources. Frameless panels are suitable for use on green roofs.


Economical operation

A combination of several innovative technological solutions can bring significant electricity savings on the one hand and a possibility of own electricity production from solar radiation on the other hand. Proper rainwater management can also decrease the costs of sewer charges.

Environmental impacts

Thanks to the integration of the latest technology and the smart use and integration of renewable energy sources and recycled materials, we decrease the process impacts of buildings, especially industrial ones, on the environment. We increase their lifespan and decrease the energy supplies required for their operation.

Environmental comfort

We improve the internal and external environment, mainly in industrial buildings and civic amenity buildings, such as business centres or office blocks. Thanks to our smart technologies, we improve work conditions for employees, which has a positive impact on their health, satisfaction and productivity.

What is our procedure?

Analysis of your building

Measuring and analysis of input values (thermal imaging, rainfall analysis in the locality, buried services analysis etc.)

Expert assessment

Analysis of existing buildings as regards the heat and humidity load for the interior

Study of CO2 emissions

Energy audit

Proposal of possible measures

Based on the results of an expert opinion, we will propose possible solutions, including a returnability study

Project documentation

The proposed and agreed solutions will be transformed into complete project documentation, including the administrative requirements


The whole project is implemented, commissioned and an inspection report is supplied

We provide guarantee and post-guarantee services and supply spare parts

Green roofs

A green roof belongs to the category of low carbon footprint constructions. High-quality implementation, long-term durability and use of local sources also influence the negative carbon balance, i.e. this construction can have a positive impact on CO2 reduction. Another advantage of a green roof is its passive operation.

  • They prevent overheating of roofs and connected constructions
  • They slow down rainwater drainage
  • Excellent waterproofing protection against UV radiation
  • Lower weight, suitable also for light constructions and reconstructions
  • Decreased cooling costs in summer months

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Charging stations

Installation of AC charging points is a suitable solution for newly built and existing parking areas. The availability of AC charging infrastructure is one of the tools to improve the comfort of the environment, the economic availability of energy for the operation of electric cars and time savings in passenger transport.

  • Charging method gentle on vehicle batteries
  • Reducing the concentration of emissions from transport
  • Noise reduction
  • Construction work only within the scope of the three-phase system line
  • Without occupation of transformer stations areas and other accessories

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Photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic panels are usually placed on the roofs of buildings where they save space and capture the maximum amount of renewable solar energy. They contribute to the energy balance for self-sufficient buildings and therefore they decrease the dependence on external sources.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Renewable source
  • Minimum maintenance demands
  • Return of the investment between 5 and 9 years
  • Efficient use of the roof area

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